Artemis Fu'rie

Imperial Supercommando


For centuries Clan Fu’rie was part of House Vizla. There has long been a camaraderie between clans Fu’rie and Bes’uliik, dating back to at least the battle of Vrogas Vos during the Mandalorian-Jedi war.

Nikkolos Fu’rie and his daughter Artemis fled Mandalore along with Clan Bes’uliik after Pre Vizla’s death during the Clone Wars. They were on Dxun when the Shadow Collective attacked, and were presumed dead when they were not among the survivors to make it down to Onderon.

Nik had been killed, but his daughter was spared, due to a familiar relation to Rook Kast, who led the attack. She was taken prisoner, and eventually ended up in the custody of Gar Saxon, who went on to form the Imperial Supercommandos during the Age of the Empire.

Eventually becoming Saxon’s greatest warrior, Artemis took control of a faction of the commandos, her unit becoming the new Clan Fu’rie.

After the death of Gar Saxon at the hands of Sabine Wren, Clan Fu’rie became the dominant power within the Supercommando infrastructure.

Artemis Fu'rie

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