Del Osiro "Pharaoh"

Mandalorian Clan Leader


The leader of Clan Osiro, one of the wealthiest among the Mandalorian clans. Clan Osiro was adept at adapting to the times; they thrived in the old times, under the pacifist government of the New Mandalorians, the Jedi-appointed rule of Bo-Katan, and even under the Empire for a time.

But as the Empire grew so did their control, and before long taxes and tariffs became so high that Del Osiro had to start selling Clan Osiro’s businesses over to the Empire. Seeing the Rebellion as an opportunity to restore Mandalore to a place of economic power, he allied Clan Osiro with House Bes’uliik, and poured his resources into their operation.

Del Osiro "Pharaoh"

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