Hadus Bes'uliik

Former Clan Leader


Hadus Bes’uliik was leader of Mandalorian Clan Bes’uliik. During the Clone Wars he allied his clan with House Vizla and Death Watch, rebelling against the pacifistic rule of the New Mandalorian govenment.

When Pre Vizla was killed by Maul, sending Death Watch into a civil war, Hadus sided with Bo-Katan, Vizla’s second in command. Their forces however couldn’t compete with Maul’s, and Bes’uliik was forced off Mandalore to Dxun, the moon of Onderon. There Clan Bes’uliik was massacred by Maul’s Shadow Collective. Hadus was one of few survivors, along with his son and a few of the young, who took refuge with Saw Gerrera on Onderon.

When the Empire took over Mandalore, Hadus was at first supportive. It was once Bo-Katan was forced out of her position of power, and replaced with Gar Saxon, that he became concerned. The Empire sought to destroy Mandalorian culture and independence, which was something Hadus could not stand by and let occur. So he turned his clan into a rebel cell, fighting the empire from the ancient Taung world of Roon.

Hadus died on Dxun, six years after the earlier attack, during a joint operation between Clan Bes’uliik and Saw Gerrera’s Partisans. In his dying words, Hadus transferred leadership of the clan over to his son, along with his helmet, and Vibro-ax.

Hadus Bes'uliik

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