The Tartarus System

The Tartarus system is a seven planet system located in the Unknown Regions, beyond the Crimson Shroud. House Bes’uliik discovered the system from a map to the Great Kyber Vault, provided to them by Saw Gerrera from the Jedi temple on Jedha. Only the name and location of the system was present on the map, additional information was gathered from translations of text on the system itself.

The Tartarus system has two suns, one red named Skorpius, and one blue named Tempus

An asteroid belt circles the suns, and an atmosphere-less planetoid named Tartarus Minor is clumped together with them.

Tartarus Prime is second from the suns and is a swampy planet with an oxygen-based atmosphere. Native to the world are horrible mutants and beasts, all carnivorous and deadly. There are ruins of a partially walled city, with a temple on a hill at the center. The temple is Sith in origin and has become the base of operations for House Bes’uliik.

Sar’morr is third from the suns. It is atmosphere-less and has two moons, Tek’la and Venom.

Forth from the suns is Crucible, a small icy world covered mostly in frozen oceans that break apart under heavy seismic activity. The atmosphere is Dorin-class, with a few resilient beasts the only life forms. Crucible has four moons, Acklay, Dharuka, Rakghul, and Nexu.

Fifth is a desert world with a Dorin-class atmosphere, Alpheera. The world has a higher than average gravity and four moons, Morax, Rinto, Omicron, and Ras.

A second asteroid belt divides the rest of the system.

Sixth from the suns is the gas giant Baphomire with a staggering 28 moons, no names for them on record.

And finally seventh from the sun is the small dwarf planet Minas, likely one of the moons of Baphomire that escaped its gravitational pull.

The Tartarus System

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